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Taco John’s April Fools – Potato Olés® Products

When you combine the bold, brash attitude of Taco John’s® brand and the mischievous nature of April Fool’s Day, you get a golden opportunity. In 2016, we decided to spring a surprise announcement on fans who didn’t bother to check their calendars: an entire line of products based on Potato Olés®.

Promoted posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram announced Potato Olés®-infused soda, energy bars and more, tempting hungry fans to click the link and try a few of our newest offerings for themselves. When they did, they were let in on the trick and offered a coupon for an order of everyone’s favorite TJ® side with any purchase that day.

While we wish we could have actually given our fans what the post promised, all parties seemed pretty happy with the result: free food and a social media stunt they won't soon forget. 

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