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Sopapilla Taco

Outrageous outside. Insane inside. One of Taco John’s most original creations of all time, the Chicken Sopapilla Taco pushed all the boundaries. So we needed a unique angle to promote it. 

Messaging challenged customers to take on our newest taco. What’s a Sopapilla? What do all those ingredients taste like together? Find out for yourself. 

The taco’s timing led us to another idea. Every customer who ordered a Chicken Sopapilla Taco purchase in the two weeks leading up to Halloween was given a Trick or Eat card, which they could scratch off for a chance to win free food. Fans could also play Trick or Eat within the TJ® Rewards app, with a new virtual card and another chance to win appearing every day. 

Needless to say, Taco John’s was everyone’s favorite house on the block on Halloween 2016.  

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