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Taco John's - Buffalo Crunchy Chicken Burrito

The day that Taco John’s® decided to put their famous Potato Olés in a burrito was one that changed Mexican QSRs for good. So how do you improve on something as iconic as the Meat & Potato Burrito? Kick it up a notch. Enter the Buffalo Crunchy Chicken Burrito.

With the Buffalo Crunchy Chicken Burrito’s massive size and lengthy list of ingredients, the campaign materials were full of TJ® attitude. TV and radio spots, point of purchase and drive-thru ads, as well as digital efforts, showed off the burrito’s stature and bold flavor combinations.

Along with the burrito’s release, we introduced the Do What You Want giveaway — a contest where TJ® fans had a chance to win $500. All they had to do was tell us what they wanted to do with the money and they were entered to win and received a two-for-one coupon.

Indulge. Answer to no one. Do what you want.

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