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South Dakota Office of Highway Safety – Man Planning

Men are responsible for four out of five DUIs. So to reach this audience where we could make the most impact, L&S and the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety launched a lead generation campaign to find these men, get their contact info and message to them during a season notorious for drunk driving – New Year’s Eve through the Super Bowl and March Madness.

So how would we get them to opt-in to messaging from the SDOHS? With a giveaway. We partnered with Karl’s Appliance to give away 11 TV and sound bar packages. Our consumer insights team then found that half of men planned to host a Super Bowl party, and 44% would use social media to find recipes. So we reached them during their party-planning efforts to win a TV plan for a sober ride, too. Creative included social media recipe videos, peel-open bar coasters, online radio, native content with online pubs like Men’s Health and more.

The whole campaign culminated on the night of the Super Bowl with two TV spots asking people to give 15 minutes of their night to give a ride home. Our team also set up a social command center, responding to and creating social content on the fly. In the end, we gained over 2200 database leads in an effort to prevent drunk driving and remind men to plan ahead.

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