Write better right now

Write better right now.

Writing is something everyone can do, but few people do it well. Even those who excel at writing can always find ways to improve. So here are a few fast ways you can better your writing right now.

Stop using exclamation points.

Unless the topic genuinely calls for it (i.e. “I just saw a panda cub in the middle of the street!”), ditch that exclamation point. Using too many exclamations waters down their meaning and can make your writing look juvenile.

Write what you know.

The words will flow much more naturally if you’re well versed on your topic and feel passionately about it. Conversely, if it’s something you don’t know or don’t care about, writer’s block will hit hard. That’s why we slog through term papers but can send and receive an impressive 32 texts per day.

Vary your sentence structure.

In school we learn to structure a sentence “subject-verb-object/adjective/etc.” To add interest to your writing, mix it up. After a very long sentence explaining a complex concept, switch it up with a short one. Like this. Write like you speak, and you’ll find the words come to life a little easier.

Know when to use a comma (and when not to).

I could write a whole blog on commas. Instead, just go here.

Use active voice.

Writing in active voice means using strong verbs where the subject completes the action (“I wrote a blog.”) and avoiding weak verb structure (“The blog was written by me.”).


Notice I didn’t say, “be concise” or “keep it simple.” Why? Because “edit” is shorter and clearer. After you’ve written your initial draft, go back and try to cut it in half.


It sounds simple, but many people get so caught up in the writing process that they forget to post-write. Proof, then proof again. Look for grammar mistakes and consistency. Read your piece backwards to catch misspellings.

Read more.

The very best writers are avid readers. Call it “learning by osmosis,” but reading helps you understand language better, learn new vocabulary and absorb other writing styles. You can’t produce good writing until you’ve experienced it.

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