Why We're Thankful for Ad Camp

We get the question a lot. "What's it like to work at L&S?" You can read a website all day long, but there's no substitute for first-hand experience. Well, the holidays are here, and we're feelin' festive. To give hopeful applicants a taste of the Ad Camp experience, we asked a few full-time Extra Milers about the experiences from their internships that they're most thankful for.


Roberta Forman"Getting to work on actual client work was awesome. I remember the first time I saw a billboard that I'd made for Lewis Drug while I was driving. I almost pulled over so I could take a picture I was so excited. You don't get that everywhere, especially being a couple months out of school." 
Roberta Forman, Designer, 2015
Jamie Hegge"I was part of a team that respected my ideas, regardless of how old or inexperienced I was. It's hard to believe my internship was almost nine years ago. Since then, I've been able to grow with the company and am now leading an entire department.
Jamie Hegge, Director of Client Service, 2008
Taylor Vavra"My favorite part was how much there was to learn. From website management to email building to how to work with my team and use everyone's talents to do our best work possible. My internship also helped me realize how much I love digital marketing." 
Taylor Vavra, Digital Coordinator, 2017
Tara Locke"I'm thankful for so many experiences in such a short amount of time, lifelong friends and strong connections with professionals throughout the region. I'm also thankful for the new interns we get every year – they bring a fresh perspective, keep us on our toes and rejuvenate the building with new ideas."
Tara Locke, Creative Director, 2008
Mariah Larson"Although I was on the digital team, I'm thankful I got a taste of the other disciplines on the team. It expanded my appreciation for everyone's role within the agency and I was stunned by their passion, intelligence and desire to deliver the best work possible. Don't complain about group projects too much – learning to be a good teammate is crucial."
Mariah Larson, Digital Coordinator, 2016
Paige Schwitters"From working on photo shoots to social media, no two days of my internship were the same. We work to achieve our clients' objectives in so many ways, and the task of doing so means every day is a fun, new challenge."
Paige Schwitters, Account Coordinator, 2016
Casey Goodmund"I'm thankful for my intern tribe – transitioning from the classroom to real life was a huge learning experience, and going through it with a class of kick-ass people who knew their stuff was something I'll never forget."
Casey Goodmund, Designer, 2015
Dan Dismounts"My favorite part of the internship was the opportunity to create meaningful real-world work. As a student, you hone your skills by creating work that is merely there to pad your portfolio, but as an Ad Camper I was able to see my designs in the wild. Seeing my work on TV and up on a billboard for the first time was an awesome experience."
Dan Dismounts, Art Director, 2014
Brett Summers"I got to work with some of the most talented pros in the region, from designers and researchers to the media and production teams, to help creative concepts come to life. It was an incredible experience and an excellent opportunity to get my foot in the door."
Brett Summers, Associate Creative Director, 2011

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