Podcast: Q&A About VR

ReBoot Episode 1: Q&A About VR

Episode 101: Q&A About VR

The Internet is a big place. Our job is to help take the scary out of it. Enter Reboot, a Lawrence & Schiller podcast about digital marketing, trends and everything tech.

In this week’s podcast, Trev and Trav discuss the evolution of virtual reality and how the best brands are doing it well. In addition to the best VR examples, we also recap the worst, from applications about driving a bus through the desert to other “VR party” apps.

In our second segment, L&S Director of User Experience Tara Locke stops by to discuss what the heck she does all day - AKA the value of user experience and the important role it plays in truly effective marketing campaigns.


Goldfish VR
Desert Bus VR
Make it Rain VR
VR Party Game
Cardboard Cinema
Jungle Book 360 Video
The Weather Channel 360 Video
The Tony Awards 360 Promo
Marriott "Teleporter"

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