United Way Receives $54,000 from L&S

United Way Receives $54,000 from L&S

L&S recently held its annual rally to raise funds for the Sioux Empire United Way. This year’s theme was “Homecoming 2014″. The staff played games related to school subjects to build enthusiasm and help raise the funds necessary to meet our 2015 goals.

Everyone at L&S was assigned to a team. Each day during the week, their teams competed in a different game:

The week also included a “Kiss the Pig” contest. Staffers were asked to vote for the vice president they wanted to see kiss a pig on coronation day. They could cast their vote by placing money for the United Way into a jar labeled with that person’s name. VP of Client Services Micah Aberson won the honor with $95.01 in his ‘donation’ jar.

Throughout the week’s games, and the generosity of our employees, we raised $54,000 for the United Way. As an organization, L&S maintained 100% participation with 29 Heart Club and 15 Rising Heart members. Giving back to the community is always rewarding. But rarely, if ever, is it more fun than the United Way rally week at L&S.

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