L&S United Way Rally Week

Fun Meets Fundraising: SEUW Rally Week

Even as a relatively fresh employee, I’m starting to see why everyone’s always looking forward to certain annual events at L&S. Times like the summer picnic, quarterly staff meetings and without a doubt the year’s most rewarding week: the Sioux Empire United Way Rally.

Quite a few businesses around the area have an annual drive to raise money for the United Way, but like most things – we take ours the Extra Mile.

The Rally is a five-day fundraiser during which randomized agency teams compete to see who can raise the most money and can come out on top in a series of absurd challenges.

Each daily challenge is meant to drum up excitement for the United Way overall, but this year, we got a little more specific. Each day, we featured a different cause or group with which an Extra Miler volunteers.

At the end of the week the Rally committee tallied the score. Spoiler alert: it was one of our best efforts yet.

As for the activities throughout the week, you might have seen some pictures like these on Facebook. We don’t blame you if you’re curious.

SEUW Rally Week # 1
SEUW Rally Week # 2

Here’s a rundown of each day’s activity:

Day 1 kicked off in traditional L&S Rally Week fashion: with a ridiculous and potentially humiliating relay race. Props included candy necklaces, toothbrushes and dental floss. To kick things off, Heather took a few minutes to talk about how Delta Dental helps kids in the community with mobile dental care stations.  

SEUW Rally Week Day 1
SEUW Rally Week Day 1 #2

Tuesday celebrated Girls on the Run with another test of miscellaneous skills. Who knew how hard it is to get an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands?

SEUW Rally Week Day 2

Wednesday’s featured organization was Children’s Inn, and as far as the activity… there’s really no better way to explain “sleeping bag worm racing” than to witness it for yourself.

SEUW Rally Week Day 3
SEUW Rally Week Day 3 #2
SEUW Rally Week Day 3 #3

On Thursday, the spotlight shone on Ready to Start, a program to prepare underprivileged kids for kindergarten. To win the daily competition, teams had to prove their trivia prowess. Cooperation was a must: the questions ranged a variety of topics and time periods to challenge every member of our diverse staff. If you’re familiar with Soviet space history as well as Days of Our Lives, you probably would’ve cleaned house.

If the agency achieves 100% participation, the committee throws a little celebration at the end of the week with drinks, treats and games. As mentioned earlier, we did it. Again. And so, the streak continues – every year since at least 2003 every Extra Miler has made a donation.

As evidenced above, everyone has a good time when Rally week comes along. The committee does an awesome job planning everything out, and all of us have fun making a fool of ourselves during the activities. But working with and donating to an organization that does so much good in our community is what’s most rewarding.

Consider Sioux Empire United Way Rally Week summed up. Hope I could give you a little insight as to why all of us get so excited for it every year.

Check out our campaigns with the Sioux Empire United Way here.

To learn more about the Sioux Empire United Way or to help have an impact on our community, visit www.seuw.org.

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