Twenty Years in Five Memes

Twenty Years in Five Memes

Well, it happened.

While celebrating two years at L&S (go me), I realized my marketing career is officially two decades old (gulp). Hurray for experience and wisdom (!?) summed up in five, spot-on memes. Really, what did we do before the Internet?

Fight for the idea

1. Fight for the idea. This doesn’t mean be stubborn and argumentative – it means be strong and tenacious. Effective creativity is hard. Push through the easy to find the incredible. Be passionate. Work hard. Don’t settle. Collaborate with people who do the same.

Build your brand

2. Build your brand. So, I have this personal brand statement at work: “Katie Brings Value” – or #kbv, if you’re into the whole brevity thing (to quote The Big Lebowski). It’s a fun catchphrase that makes people laugh, but it’s not a joke. It’s how I approach everything I do for clients and coworkers. Don’t have a personal brand statement? Get one!

Embrace change

3. Embrace change. Messages change. Goals change. Budgets change. Approvals change. Ideas change. Hey, sometimes even your role on the project changes. This business gives everyone an equal dose of eagle eyes (to see what’s coming) and alligator skin (to stay focused). I’m incredibly grateful for the daily opportunities to get better at both.

Stay unsatisfied

4. Stay unsatisfied. Slightly related to #1, but with a competitive edge: I’m on a team with incredibly smart, talented and dedicated people. We’re all focused on using strategy and creativity to make our clients number one in their industries. That means not settling – and sometimes it means not just doing what they ask us. Nobody earns a gold medal without pushing themselves past comfort zones.

Be all ears

5. Be all ears. All writers write, but great writers listen. Conversational, engaging stories read like conversations people would have in person – free of corporate, buzzword-y jargon. Listen to how people talk, then put it into the copy. It might not be (always) grammatically correct and formal, but it will have something better – personality.

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