South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Trip

There’s No Place Like South Dakota for a Pheasant Hunting Trip

It’s the original “man’s man” mancation—a hunting trip. Where the guys leave the wives behind and head out to follow their primal instincts to hunt and provide food. But hunting is no longer a means of survival. Today, hunting is about hanging with the guys, being out in nature and appreciating the beauty of all God’s creatures. It’s about the stories, the good-natured ribbing and occasionally bringing home a trophy.

That’s what pheasant hunters from around the country told us as we held impromptu breakfast focus groups with sportsman who traveled to South Dakota to partake in the state’s pastime. They told us bagging your limit was great but sometimes the thrill of hunt … was simply just experiencing the rush of flush.

And that’s the insight that drove this year’s South Dakota Tourism campaign. With more birds than any other state in the nation, South Dakota is a place like no other and every day hunting here … is a good day.

Bringing this insight to life was the next challenge. Anyone who has worked with animals – especially wild ones – knows they don’t follow directions. When the shot sheet calls for flushing a pheasant from a field, a second take isn’t an option. Preparation was going to be key to the success of this video production.

Our solution was to combine subject matter experience with technical expertise. Mark Glissendorf, a life-long pheasant hunter, directed the shoot. Producer Kevin Perlic brought mounted cameras, remote triggers, Go-Pros and cranes to the field. R&R Pheasant Hunting provided access to the fantastic location, acted as our hunting guide and shared the great hunting dogs. Along the way, we collaborated closely with two seasoned hunters from South Dakota Tourism who also appear in the commercial as hunters.

Watch the finished commercial below. Video will never be able to completely convey the rush of the flush, but I think this spot comes pretty close. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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