The importance of streamlined social media

The Importance of Streamlined Social Media

The digital world has created a powerful consumer. With the ability to instantly learn about a topic with the quick touch of a finger, consumers have high expectations that are driving how we as marketers and brands approach our social media presence. It’s crucial that your brand has a streamlined approach to social media to stay relevant and improve your brand’s overall online presence, all of which will help deliver an experience that your customers expect.

Consumers are on multiple platforms numerous times a day. When you promote similar products across each platform, you’re boosting frequency and reach. If a consumer sees your content on Instagram featuring a new menu item, then they see a similar sponsored post by your brand in their Facebook Newsfeed, you’ve now gotten in front of them twice – with two creative executions for the same product. The chances of them considering and choosing your restaurant for their next meal has just gone up.

Utilizing and unifying social platforms also allows for you to tailor your message to the medium. For example, you might post about a new item on Instagram by showing how it fits into your customers’ lifestyle, maybe in a “foodie” type way. You then reserve your Facebook page for pushing out deals because fans are used to a sales approach there. When a user finds content that is applicable to them and the channel they’re on, you’ll see an increase in conversation and social engagement because the content they’re viewing is relevant to their day-to-day lives. It’s at this point that your brand can talk with your customers rather than talking to your customers.

Streamlined social media also helps build your overall online presence. When your social channels all display consistent messages, your followers will have a better understanding of who your brand is. If you have multiple Facebook pages that are all promoting something different or an outdated Twitter account with only a few tweets, consumers may begin to question your professionalism and strength as a brand. Instead, focus on a strategic approach by thinking of how you want your brand to appear online and the audience you’re trying to reach. From there you can narrow in on the content that will drive the most results.

This strategy applies when approaching how you as a brand decide to set up social accounts as well. Large chains are often faced with the challenge of franchisees wanting to create their own Facebook or Twitter accounts to post their own content. What most don’t realize is that if these accounts aren’t monitored very closely, with clear rules and expectations set in advance, they can in fact damage your online presence. Having one brand page that represents your chain overall is beneficial because you can simplify the process to monitor and respond to fans, maintain your brand voice and be easily found online.

It’s important to keep social media as a priority in digital marketing. Social content that appears sporadic, out of date, last-minute, confusing or irrelevant leads to poor customer interaction, which can end in no customer at all. Instead, focus on a social media strategy that streamlines your content to stay top of mind, relevant and building the brand you want to be in the digital landscape.

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