Ten Years of Teams

Ten Years of Teams

At L&S we have the motto of going 5280, the Extra Mile. Sometimes that gets confused with the number of hours we work, but it's actually a level of commitment. It's making the decision to say, "I care as much or more about your success than you do." It's out-thinking and out-doing — always.

These are the kind of people our clients depend on everyday. The kind of people who don't settle and are driven to make themselves better.

The kind of people who completely restructure their business in the name of progress.

That's exactly what we did ten years ago at L&S, going from a traditional agency structure to client-directed teams.

What does that mean? In a traditional agency, different disciplines are placed in silos, with all creatives in one department, media in another and so on. At Lawrence & Schiller, the agency is divided into four client teams, each with it's own account service, creative, media, research and digital team members. Each team functions like its own mini agency and serves a dedicated group of clients.

It was a whole new playbook for everyone — and it took a lot of practice — but now we can't imagine working any other way. Here's why:

Since the introduction of teams, L&S has seen significant growth in creative quality, client relationships and industry knowledge. Learn more about the dedicated people who make it all possible.

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