Strength in Numbers – Serving Sioux Falls

At L&S, one goal stands above the rest: bring the best idea possible. That means no matter your age or experience, you’ve got a seat at the table. What you bring to it is what matters. Our structure makes for tight-knit teams where everyone has the chance to work alongside coworkers who have completely different skill sets, but an equal resolve to turn each project into our best work yet.

This sense of common purpose took us outside the office this summer when we spent a day working with Serve Sioux Falls. Founded earlier this year, Serve Sioux Falls has set out to change the way we see our city’s needs and give locals some practical ways to pitch in and make a difference. Ben Franklin believed, “One served not to save their soul, but to build a strong society,” and we’re determined to do our part to build a stronger Sioux Falls.

This year, L&S volunteered with Habitat for Humanity on one of the four houses they are currently building in Sioux Falls. The organization works in over 1,400 communities like ours to build homes for families in need to provide them with a safe, affordable place to live. Removing some financial burden and the constant worry of having a secure place to sleep gives residents greater opportunities to invest in their work, family and future. Sounds like a solid way to give new Sioux Falls families a head start, right?

With the house we were working on mostly constructed, we traded out keyboards and mice for hammers and paintbrushes, jumping in to put up a porch as well as paint the exterior. As you could probably guess, we don’t have any master carpenters or painters among us. Luckily, living in the fast-paced advertising world has helped us get used to being adaptable. With the direction of two fantastic site foremen, our team was able to cross a few projects off the list and bring a family one step closer to moving into their new home. It was far from a conventional day at the office, and we were covered in paint, sawdust and sweat by quitting time. But we all got a valuable reminder that we live in a strong community, and no project is too small to make a big impact. It also helped us remember why L&S has been going strong for over 40 years: whether we’re brainstorming in our war room or offsite setting up a new front porch, our strength comes from working as a team.

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