South Dakota Tourism Pop Up

Some Things Are Worth the Wait

A glass of fine Cabernet Sauvignon.

A perfectly aged New York strip.

An attention-grabbing direct mail piece.

You’ve heard it before: some things get better with time. After the release of some recent work with the South Dakota Department of Tourism, we’re pretty big believers ourselves.

Nearly three years ago, L&S and South Dakota Tourism first developed an idea: encourage families to visit our state with a three-dimensional newspaper insert inspired by children’s pop-up books. For a variety of reasons that would take way too long to explain, the piece was put on hold. And remained there. We waited for the right time to make it happen - until eventually, it was relegated to the realm of every other idea that just didn’t want to work out.

The next year, we thought the idea might work out in a different form: a direct mail piece. But, again, it didn’t happen. Back into the drawer it went.

There’s a saying at L&S: “Fight for your baby, but know when to let it go.” As we began planning our latest Tourism campaign, the pop-up ad was brought up again. We wanted to give it one more try. If it didn’t make the presses this year, we knew it really wasn’t meant to be.

But the stars (and budget) aligned and the pop-up mailer lived. And boy, was it worth the wait. We had never considered animation three years ago. We hadn’t thought about mailing it in a clear envelope. We didn’t think about making this a holiday greeting to inspire families gathered together to plan a vacation. But extra time helped us take it the extra mile – to some stellar feedback.

It was packaged and presented in a way that I wanted to open it up and not throw in the trash with my junk mail. This mailer reminded me I want to give my kids for Christmas a trip to see the Badlands and Mount Rushmore this summer.”

Wine, steak and advertising. Things do get better with time. 

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