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Sherman, agency team earn L&S awards

An Eye for Excellence

Not a workload that supports a majority of our clients. Not a bad bout of food poisoning. Probably not even a natural disaster could keep Adam Sherman from hitting a deadline – and delivering award-winning work while he’s at it.

His title says Editor, but you’re looking at a one-man video production powerhouse in a Boston Red Sox ball cap. That’s why at our most recent staff meeting, Adam was honored with the Marketing and Advertising Professional award for the first quarter of 2017.

The award recognizes the L&Ser, as nominated by their coworkers, who best exemplifies what it means to be 5280 and go the Extra Mile:

• Be Selfless
• Be Passionate
• Be Relentless
• Be Impactful
• Be Flexible
• Be Professional

Since 2006, Adam has been killing it for L&S – lending his editing, motion graphics and animation talents to clients across the country, as well as the agency’s internal marketing efforts.

While he keeps it pretty quiet around the office, his work speaks volumes. And it’s always got something awesome to say.


If you think the title’s a typo, I don’t blame you. It looks a little weird.

It’s intentional, though, and it represents the work done this quarter to take “The Extra Mile” well… the Extra Mile. Agency leadership presented this quarter’s Plus It award to our internal branding and marketing team.

The award, which is passed from team to team in the form of a championship belt, pays homage to Walt Disney, who constantly challenged his staff to “Plus It” by taking their ideas to the next level.

Between white papers, tweets, posters, hoodies, caps, blog posts and even a few of our very own broadcast spots, it takes a lot of work to keep things tip-top behind the scenes, but it’s all well worth it. We hope everyone enjoys our stuff as much as we love making it happen.

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