Shaping Possibility with First PREMIER Bank

Shaping Possibility with First PREMIER Bank

First PREMIER Bank is a homegrown, South Dakota-based financial organization with deep roots in the community and a strong commitment to the people that live here. For years, the bank has been dedicated to the health and stability of the state by giving back and providing financial opportunities for people of all ages and situations. But what does the public think or hear about First PREMIER Bank? Do people see their efforts and contributions as beneficial to South Dakota? Are they aware of all the bank offers? What are the feelings associated with the organization?

These are all questions we sought to answer, and after performing an in-depth brand perception study in 2013, we realized that many are unaware of the critical role PREMIER plays in the community or the extensive product and service lines the bank offers.

Realizing this lack of awareness in the community, PREMIER partnered with Lawrence & Schiller to help highlight the brand and tell the real PREMIER story.

To do that, we went through a brand definition process to pinpoint exactly what the brand is, how it acts and what it stands for. And out of that process came a new positioning statement that defines exactly what the organization is all about – Believe in Possibility.

From starting a family or business to rebuilding credit and helping shape the community we live in, PREMIER helps people move forward to realize their possibilities.

In addition to a new positioning statement, we also developed an awareness campaign, including a TV spot and outdoor billboard designed to convey the new brand in a way that would get people to think about PREMIER in a positive light and consider them during their next financial decision.

With the new brand work hitting the market this week, we’re excited to monitor campaign performance and awareness of the PREMIER brand in the months to come.

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