Refresh your Research

If there’s anything we learned when researching premium beverage options for Taco John’s, it’s that tastes change as quickly as the seasons. Despite consumers’ fickle nature, our intercepts made sure the latest TJ® beverages have all the makings of a summer smash hit.

Last October, we worked with the Mexican QSR to test eight different beverage options and decide which ones would make it onto the 2016 LTO menu. To make sure we chose the right drinks (and presented them in the best way), we took the test where we knew we could find our Millennial target audience – the mall.

Over the course of two days, we asked 150 individuals, the vast majority aged 18-24, to take a sip of the eight aforementioned options. In exchange for some cold, hard cash, they provided us with feedback based on the drinks’ appearance, flavor, texture and potential price. Certain descriptors kept popping up: fruity. Citrusy. Sweet. Their favorite drinks (and the three we recommended to Taco John’s) offered fresh flavor without the unhealthy associations of traditional soft drinks.

Proof that we set Taco John’s and ourselves up for success came months later. In mid-July, Nielsen published a report outlining which flavors consumers were looking for to beat the heat. Among their findings, refreshing, fruity and sweet appeared near the top across gender lines.

Check, check and check.

Knowing that fun in the sun makes for popular social media posts among our audience, we incorporated bright, first-person photos of Orange Mango DEW and Strawberry Citrus Rush into our content calendar.

With as many options as there are in the beverage industry and as fast as trends change, it can be tough to properly position new items to the intended audience. But by reaching out and taking consumers’ feedback to heart, TJ® made their newest flavors two that fans won’t soon forget. 

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