Q4 Staff Meeting Recap

Look at these tacos.

I dare you to tell me you don’t want to eat those tacos right now. And if that’s not effective advertising, I don’t know what is. 

It takes a talented designer to blend specific marketing goals with solid aesthetic principles, and one in particular did a bang-up job of doing so this quarter: Marketing and Advertising Professional (MAP) Award winner Casey Goodmund. 

Since getting her start as a member of the 2015 Ad Camp class, Casey has mastered the art of keeping goals in mind while making stuff that’s straight up awesome to look at. She’s also expanded her skills in animation and video across clients from foodservice to travel and tourism, shaping herself into an indispensable team member for projects of all kinds. No matter what she’s working on each day, one thing’s for sure: we’re happy to have her. 

Speaking Up on Social

When Walt Disney was running the show over at Disney, he encouraged his animators to make their work as strong as possible with a simple suggestion: “Plus It.” These two words have inspired the agency’s other quarterly award, given to the team that takes their project over the top with Extra Mile-style work and unique ideas.

But it’s safe to say Walt probably never spoke to his employees about one thing: social media. Despite the technological discrepancies, we’d say the same idea applies – and that’s why the team responsible for shaping Taco John’s social media efforts took home the title belt this quarter.

Stunning food photography and a solid strategy meant that Taco John’s always boasted a strong social media presence. But today’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users expect something more than ads if they go out of their way to follow brands on these platforms. By combining fans’ ferocious love of TJ favorites with carefully monitored trending topics, we became part of the conversations our target audience was already having in a way that’s authentic, engaging and shows off the brand’s irreverent attitude. 

So here’s to great design, sweet tweets and another quarter of going the Extra Mile. 

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