ReBoot Episode 4

Reboot Episode 4: War of the Wearables

Reboot Episode 104: War of the Wearables

Apple Watch or Android Wear? Fitbit or Garmin? The world of wearable technology is growing rapidly and opening new doors for businesses and marketers.

From fitness trackers and pet wearables to smart jeans and even invisibles, Trev and Trav dive into the latest wearable technology, evaluating the best of the best – and some of the worst. (If you want to learn more about Belty Good Vibes, take a listen. And yes, that’s a real thing.)

Later, Senior Interactive Designer Luke McElrath joins in for roundtable discussion on the evolution of wearable tech in marketing. With applications in geofencing, loyalty programs and more, it’s no wonder wearables could be the way of marketing's future.

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