Our Top Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview can be daunting. After all, you never know what questions you will or won’t get asked.

That’s why leading up to L&S Meet Greet Repeat interviews, our staffers wanted to share a few of our favorite questions to help applicants prepare for the big day. Read below for a sneak peek at what might pop up during your interview.

Haven’t applied yet? Get your resume in – applications are due January 19, and interview spots are limited to the first 60 students.

Tracy SaathoffTracy Saathoff, VP of Insights & Strategy
My favorite Meet Greet Repeat question is to ask students how their professors would describe them in a few words. We can learn a lot about ourselves by thinking of how others might describe us, and at L&S we value the opinions of instructors and professors highly.

John PohlmanJohn Pohlman, Executive Vice President
Why should we hire you? What have you done beyond your schoolwork to make you job-ready? What professional work do you admire most in your discipline (digital, copywriting, design, etc.)?

Erin WeinzettelErin Weinzettel, Account Executive
A good account service intern is dedicated to staying on top of things, so I like to ask how students stay organized and juggle priorities. During group projects, what role do you typically take?

Scott WiechmannScott Wiechmann, Senior Creative Director
If someone were making a movie about your life, who would play the part of you and why? Who looks like the smartest person in this room? If you could be president tomorrow, would you take the job?

Amy DesLauriersAmy DesLauriers, Director of Media Strategy
I like questions that show students' problem-solving skills. For example, assume I have never driven a car before. How would you instruct me on approaching this new, foreign task?

Dan EdmondsDan Edmonds, Senior VP of Design
What's the most fascinating thing you can tell me about yourself in the next two minutes that will make you more memorable than the other 60 people I'll meet today? Who has done work recently that makes you think, "Wow, I wish I'd done that"? What do you think is the best ad campaign of the last ten years? Why?

Roberta FormanRoberta Forman, Designer
An important part of an interview isn't just to answer questions, but to ask them, too. It's never a bad idea to have a few questions of your own prepared, whether it's for the interview or the agency social, so you can get a feel for the agency.

Shelly JohnsonShelly Johnson, Director of Community Outreach
Which brands do you follow on social media? What intrigues you about them? Tell me about a time when you were responsible for a project but didn't know how to start. What did you do? What is your favorite L&S client campaign and why?

Amy DanceyAmy Dancey, Senior Digital Strategist
Since I'm in the digital field, I like to ask questions that help students show their passion for my discipline. I always ask how students keep up with trends, and what was the last tech or digital thing they really geeked out about. I also ask about their favorite ways to communicate and why.

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