Our Staff’s Summer Reads

Our Staff’s Summer Reads

When we’re not making stuff, L&Sers spend their summer hours with a piña colada and a good page-turner. We’ve shared our summer reading list below (with a couple of work-related books thrown in for good measure). Take a new beach read with you this 4th of July weekend, and let us know what you think.

Contagious Culture (Account Service Team)
All about creating teams that thrive on culture and positive energy. Why aren’t all of us reading this?

Contagious Culture

The Girl on the Train (Heather K.)
Read it before the film comes out this fall starring Emily Blunt. Trust us.

The Girl On The Train

Sharp Objects (Sarah B.)
Another thriller that’s soon to be a TV series. It involves murder, a psych hospital and a Victorian mansion. We’re in.

Sharp Objects

The Age of Reason (Melisa G.)
Everything you ever wanted to know about existentialism. Which is probably a lot.

The Age of Reason

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (Amy D.)
Finding purpose within your organization and using it to inspire success. Amy’s purpose is to fill us in on this book.

Start With Why

The Road to Character (Kari H.)
A challenge to rebalance our values and focus on forming quality relationships.

The Road To Character

Go Set a Watchman (Shelly J.)
The earliest known work from Harper Lee, exploring her characters from To Kill A Mockingbird 20 years later.

Go Set a Watchman

War and Peace (Trevor P.)
Let’s be honest: Trevor’s about four chapters in and totally thinking about giving up.

War and Peace

Gitchie Girl (Kim R.)
The lone survivor’s account of a horrifying mass murder that happened just miles outside of Sioux Falls in the 1970s.

Gitchie Girl

Brooklyn (Kristy L.)
Tells the story of a young Irish immigrant’s new life in Brooklyn, and it’s lovely.


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