Organization at L&S

Organization is Key at L&S

Those in the advertising world know that organization is key. In true consumer insights fashion, I decided to survey Lawrence & Schiller to see how the agency stays on task. Below are some common practices, as well as some tips and tricks from a few of our more “organizationally savvy” Extra Milers.

Microsoft Outlook

From scheduling meetings, flagging emails, color coding inboxes or writing notes in calendars, Microsoft Outlook is the source of power for many Extra Milers. 

Traditional Notebook

Traditional notebooks are another secret weapon at L&S. Daily to-do lists and chicken-scratch notes are essential to keeping the agency on task. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of crossing a completed project off a list. 

Techy Tools, Apps and More

Traditional methods aren’t for everyone. A select group of agency trendsetters are paving the way with savvy tools like Evernote, Google Keep, Todoist, Oracle and more.  

Catch All

For some in the agency, one tool is not enough. These overly organized Extra Milers put their to-do lists on anything and everything they can get their hands (and pens) on. 

See below for the full list of project management tools we use around the agency. Give ‘em a try and let us know what works best for you. We’re always looking to improve! 

Organizational Programs

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