Not Just a Day Job

Not Just a Day Job

When I’m not designing at L&S during the day, I prefer spending my time working on personal projects. I see real value in pursuing interests outside of my “day job” – it keeps me focused and motivated in all surrounding work I create.

In college I started a body of illustration work and just recently became re-engaged in it. It is an abstract style with a lot of graffiti/street art influence. I recently started using Instagram as a platform to contain all of my work.

Joe Schaeffer street art
Joe Schaeffer snowboarding gear

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in the first annual ArtMart, sponsored by Exposure Gallery. Over 40 local artists participated, displaying and selling their artwork Saturday afternoon at Shriver Square in downtown Sioux Falls. I was asked to be part of the event by Zach DeBoer (the owner of Exposure Gallery) after designing a garage door mural for Food Truck Friday at The Bakery a few months ago.

This was my booth. I sold mugs, stickers, notebooks and more – each one drawn by hand with a unique pattern.  


The event featured local artists of all kinds.

Local Artists at ArtMart
Artists at ArtMart

From Zach DeBoer and Molly O’Connor’s digital prints.

Zach DeBoer at ArtMat

To Eric Atkisson’s work on hardwood substraites.

Eric Atkisson's at ArtMart

To Sharon Wegner Larson’s paintings, and way more.

Sharon Wegner Larson paintings

I want to thank Zach DeBoer for the opportunity to participate in ArtMart, and Lawrence & Schiller for supporting my art and that of other local artists. I look forward to ArtMart 2016! To check out more of my work and the work of other artists, come down to exposure gallery Friday night for the $100 Art Show.

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