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My Week in Doodles

I doodle – during meetings, at home, while I’m waiting, whenever. For a look at my typical week, you can look in my sketchbook.

I have been working in my free time to develop some form of a comic book. I have really gotten into comics in the last year, and it’s something that I want to explore more. It also gives me a chance to mess with color, which I’m usually scared to do. Space!!!

These are drawings that started as meeting doodles but then I finished them at lunch or at home. I love black and white drawings. The contrast is something I have always been drawn to in illustration. It’s a daily thing to improve this process. 

Gold star. Bucket list item. I have been wearing Emerica shoes since I was 14. I was beyond pumped and humbled that they chose one of my designs, and I got this shirt made. Go buy one!

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