My Morning without Tech

My Morning Without Technology

Yesterday morning, I forgot my computer and phone at home. I got all the way to work before realizing it. At that point, I had meetings with my team scheduled for the next 90 minutes, starting right away at 8am.

It was 7:55am. And I was tech-less.

Not wanting to let my coworkers down, I decided to wing it – without technology. Here’s what I learned:

  1. My coworkers are willing to help, always. They happily looked at my calendar to see where my meetings were from their awesome technology that they didn’t leave at home.
  2. I didn’t realize how much I relied on the clock from my phone and computer. There are literally no clocks in three of the conference rooms I was in.
  3. This probably isn’t surprising, but I felt much more engaged in the meetings. I know, I know, that’s what all the articles and experts say. It’s true.
  4. I needed a notebook and pen. I never take notes on paper, but I was forced to. It wasn’t so bad…but I’m probably not converting. 
  5. I didn’t miss much. Because I was without a computer and phone, I couldn’t see emails or Slack messages coming in – but that’s okay. The world doesn’t end because of two hours of non-responsiveness. Weird. 
    • Side note: I get a ton of email newsletters that I don’t care about. Time to unsubscribe and de-clutter. 
  6. I rely on my computer and phone to look up things on the fly a ton. When I couldn’t do that, I felt a little lost. But it was still okay – see point #1.

As the Director of Digital Marketing, you can imagine that, out of anyone who could deal without their devices for a morning, it probably wouldn’t be someone on the digital team. I mean, those people are addicted to technology, right? Refreshingly, I found it easier than expected. #Win for the humans. 

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