Motorcycle Max Reminds Riders to Play It Safe

Motorcycle Max Reminds Riders to Play It Safe

In an effort to encourage more motorcyclists to wear safety gear, L&S and the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety teamed up to create a public service announcement that would look very different from any other PSA on the air.

This computer-animated spot features a Ken doll-like character that believes “helmets are too drastic for his plastic.” While Motorcycle Max can crash into walls and play another day, the underlying message of the spot is human bikers cannot.

While the spot has a lighthearted feel, the underlying message about the dangers of not gearing up for the ride is serious. According to the most recent statistics, 25 people were killed in motorcycle-related accidents in South Dakota, and 468 riders were injured. Many of these crashes involved excessive speed, alcohol or a lack of training and safety gear.

The Play It Safe campaign is designed to cut through the clutter and get motorcyclists to take notice … and then take action.

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