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A Monumental Year for South Dakota Tourism

Last year, we set out to make an impact on South Dakota Tourism in a way that can only be summed up by borrowing a word usually used to describe our state’s famous faces:


We’re proud to be a part of one of South Dakota’s largest industries, and we’re even more proud to tell you about how the state fared in 2016. Here are some quick hits.

Numbers like that aren’t easy. They’re only possible when hundreds of people come together to work toward a common goal, and we’re incredibly grateful to work with a client who has such a passion for what they do. So what did we have to do with it?

Glad you asked.

The South Dakota Department of Tourism partnered with Longwoods International, a marketing data and research firm, to find out. With their help, we gained intelligence on how well our messaging pays off. For every $1 spent on marketing in 2016, there was a direct return of $51 in visitor spending which equals $4 in state and local tax revenue.

Our marketing efforts inspired 1.3 million incremental trips that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. We also know approximately 4 million trips are in the works for 2017. Pretty big, if you ask us.

With all that being said, we’re not satisfied. The theme of this year’s South Dakota Governor’s Conference on Tourism was “Building for the Future” for a reason – we’re always looking forward, and always want to do better. We can’t wait to keep going the Extra Mile for our state in 2017. 

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