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Mobile and Healthcare: My Sanford Chart is Full of Convenience

In the midst of the winter flu season, it seems health symptoms and what you do to keep yourself healthy are the primary topics of conversation. Over the past few years, more people have begun to self-diagnose through health symptom web searches before they go to the doctor. This increase in health search terms has allowed for a more knowledgeable customer. Recently eMarketer released a report that showed the differences between men and women in their healthcare online searches, and the results showcase great opportunities to reach these individuals while they are actively looking for ways to feel better.

According to the report, 31% of 18- to 24-year-olds searched for health related information on their smartphone, while only 15% of those 35 to 44 searched for health related information on their phone. Knowing this, is your company providing a mobile option for your customers?

Being able to access health information at your convenience has led to the release of hundreds of apps dedicated to healthy lifestyles, exercising, monitoring heart rates and more. This on-the-go accessibility is becoming a critical factor to retain younger demographics and foster brand loyalty.

In this region, we are lucky to have Sanford Health’s My Sanford Chart. This amazing web portal and mobile application allows you to access any of your test results, email your doctor or schedule appoints– all at your fingertips. With My Sanford Chart, you have the option to send a message online rather than call your nurse with medical questions. It works great for working professionals because typically you’re either at the office with coworkers well within earshot, or by time you leave work, the clinic is closed. Another benefit of My Sanford Chart is it allows you to sync your children’s records and doctor’s information as well, allowing appointments, records and test results to be right in the palm of your hands whenever you need them.

It’s worth the sign-up. Visit My Sanford Chart today and get your medical information at your fingertips!

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