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Maxed Out Marketing: Why Optimization is a Must

Running successful campaigns for our clients is something we at L&S take pride in. And in a world where access to information is growing exponentially and data intelligence is everywhere, we’re able to do it better than ever through real-time campaign optimization.

Campaign optimization allows you to analyze campaign data while it’s running instead of waiting until the end of a flight to answer the question, “Did our ads work?” Thanks to L&S Business Intelligence, we can see how a campaign is (or isn’t) performing and modify the targeting, media mix or creative to turn it around or capitalize on success trends we’re seeing.

So how do we do it? L&S found a way to ensure campaign success by creating a team of expert strategists whose sole purpose is to analyze, collaborate and optimize campaign materials to ensure we’re reaching our end goals. We call them Optimization Strike Teams.

So, what exactly is an Optimization Strike Team, or “OST,” besides a super cool name for a group of awesomely smart marketing strategists? An OST consists of media, digital, creative and consumer insights specialists and directors who work together to improve performance on our clients’ paid media and organic digital and social campaigns. Rather than wait until a campaign is over, an OST works to improve performance while the campaign is in progress to reach and maximize our goals.

Whether we’re running social media ads, mobile display or banner ads, our team is pulling and analyzing the data from day one. We’re checking to see if we’re tracking to our goal and monitoring for problems or opportunities where we could swap out creative, rework a headline, change copy or even update a target audience. While media and digital experts are there to track the numbers and detect potential challenges, the consumer insights team works to diagnose the problem and provide a research-based solution. When it’s all said and done, the creative team brainstorms new ideas that will help redirect a campaign on the road to success.

For all of us on the marketing side, OSTs help provide confidence that our campaigns are working and will hit our clients’ goals. They offer up learnings for our team to apply to future campaigns and help us work faster, smarter and more efficiently. For our clients, OSTs mean getting better ROI and assurance that when goals are set, our team will work tirelessly to make sure that they’re reached.  

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