Marketing an American Journey

Marketing an American Journey

For the past few years, in partnership with the South Dakota Department of Tourism, we’ve invited people to take their American Journey in South Dakota.

To come find their place among the dreamers and the doers at historic and majestic attractions. To find real freedom on our prairies and wild frontiers. To experience the true spirit of America at our patriotic places and national parks.

This year, we wanted to show the personal side of the journey. The smiles…the laughter…the “once in a lifetimes.” That’s why for the 2014 Your American Journey television spot we followed a real family on their trek to discover the Great Faces and Great Places of South Dakota.

It’s not just about the places you visit in South Dakota, but about the memories you make along the way. The beauty and grandeur of our state is the backdrop and it’s the story we wanted our eight-page magazine ads tell.

We started by showing the family experience and ended with an impressive six-page image of an iconic South Dakota landmark, weaving in partner destinations and things to do along the way.

The 2014 Your American Journey campaign is meant to show potential visitors that you don’t come to South Dakota to sightsee. You come to do things…to jump in feet first.

It is after all, much more than a vacation…it’s Your American Journey in South Dakota.

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