Accelerated Mobile Pages by Michael Hixson

Leverage AMP Early to Benefit your Business

Consuming content on your mobile device could be a vastly improved experience as soon as February 2016, thanks to an open source initiative called AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

What is AMP?

AMP pages are simple and lightweight by design. They are comprised of AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP CDN. This combination allows for lightning fast rendering. Google is pioneering the update, and subsequently the content that shows up on the top of mobile Google searches will change.

AMPs will display in a carousel above almost everything on page one of a mobile search. Google is also rewarding adapters by allowing publishers who integrate AMPs to access the company’s cache servers for free. This should allow for instantaneous load times for anyone who opens your page via Google search from a mobile device.

Other Benefits:

Get on Page One of Mobile Google Searches

Google provided a demonstration of how the AMP carousel might look. When it launches, your content should be inside that carousel. And by adopting this technology early, you can maximize the benefits and secure your place on page one.

To see an example, open on your mobile device. Execute a search. Certain publishers who are already using AMPs have content that shows up in the new carousel.

The Guardian is an early adapter. Open any of the news stories on their site and add /amp to the end of the URL to see the AMP version.

The Guardian AMP

How do I get started?

You don’t have to wait until February to take advantage of this – in fact, you shouldn’t. Start getting your content ready by building valid AMP versions of the pages on your site ASAP.

Create your first page using these steps provided by Google. Once you build a page, open it within Google Chrome and use developers tools to validate it. If your website is built in Wordpress, there’s a plugin. Google is encouraging publishers to start now. Content you publish to your sites today will be eligible to show up right now via the demo and in Google search soon.

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