Let’s Get Phygital

Let’s Get Phygital

Robots are taking orders in restaurants.

Apps can track your reactions with facial recognition technology.

Consumers can gather product information via digital technology simply by picking something up off the shelf.

House remodeling can be envisioned in-store using 3D technology.

Customers can order online and pick up their food in store from a temperature-controlled, personalized storage box.

If there’s one thing that was continually repeated at the 2016 Interactive Consumer Experience Summit in Dallas it was that innovation isn’t the future - it’s the present. Yet these daily technological advances can almost be overwhelming, so where do you begin? It’s simple – ask yourself what do you want your customers’ experience to be. When you can answer that, you’re on your way to innovation.

We work in a world where we’re challenged to compete against millions of products. Giving customers an experience that entices emotion is how you can set yourself apart. Consumers remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they see and 80% of what they experience. If you’re not creating something that impacts your consumer, you’re just noise. Consumers don’t want another product; they want an experience they can share.

This emphasis on experiences shows how much traditional approaches to marketing are shifting. Getting impressions aren’t as impactful if they don’t get to the heart of the end consumer by making moments that matter. The CPM isn’t what it used to be. Now it’s about emotional currency – what’s the cost per complaint, the cost per emotion or how about the cost per satisfaction of a customer who had such a great experience with your brand that they’re willing to recommend you to every single person they know online?

Running the same marketing plan year after year certainly won’t get you there. You need to create immersive experiences that your customers will remember. This is what drives consumer behavior. It’s how your consumers feel rather than what they think and being able to genuinely understand what their moment of truth is with you.

Create experiences that make you stand out, yet allow you to stay true to who you are as a brand. Know when to take risks. Be innovative. Find ways to combine the digital and physical – get phygital.

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