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L&S Unscripted: Meet Travis

Here at L&S we tend to go a mile a minute. But every now and then, we slow our roll, sit back and have a chat. In this first edition of L&S Unscripted, we sit down with Digital Strategist Travis Adney. One of our tech gurus—and an all-around likeable guy—Travis talks about everything from music to kangaroos to old-man volleyball leagues. Enjoy.

You get to wear a lot of hats at work. How do you feel about that?

“One thing that’s been crazy ever since starting at L&S—and I always tell people this: I’ve done a lot of things fast in my life, but I’ve never done a ton of things fast at the same time. That’s one of the first things you learn here, either the easy way or the hard way. But that’s part of the beauty of it. In one hour I might have my hands on seven or eight different clients, projects or otherwise. You get to the end of the day and you’ve got 50 different tabs open on your browser, and they’re all for different stuff.”

What are you watching?

“As techy and nerdy as I am, I don’t watch a lot of TV or Netflix. If I am watching Netflix, it’s usually crime or drama. I’ll also look for nerdy shows or tech shows like Silicon Valley. I’m watching a show right now called The Keepers and it is so messed up. Honestly, it gives me nightmares, but it’s just so intriguing. Overall I don’t watch a whole lot. I think it’s an attention-deficit type of thing. That’s why technology and being in the digital world suits me because things are just […mimics tapping touch screen repeatedly…].”

What/who are you listening to?

“I’d say that movies and TV probably make up 3 percent of my time—and 97 percent of the time it’s music. If I’m working, the music has to be without words. Back in college it was classical stuff, but now I need something more upbeat. After I drink my coffee, and if I’m honing in on a proposal, it’s going to be a dubstep-type-electronic-bass kind of music, like The Glitch Mob is one. It really gets me going, keeps me typing fast. But when I’m in my car it’s going to be hip hop and rap. Some of the oldies but a lot of the newer stuff. Kendrick Lamar and … I could go on forever with all artists that I like.”

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

“When I’m with my nerdy friends, we’re playing video games or Oculus Rift stuff and VR. That’s fun for a while, but once I want to come out of the basement and see the sunlight, interact with humans and get some Vitamin D, then it’s usually finding a patio, some music … there’s usually beer involved. I do a fair amount of traveling. My friends are fairly dispersed. I find it unique when I’m actually in town on the weekend as oppose to being out and about.”

Any strange bucket list items worth mentioning?

“I really just want to hang out with a kangaroo. I know they might kick me or punch me or run away, and not hang out with me. I’d want to domesticate one and have him hang out on my couch, and we’d watch TV. I could put some snacks in his pouch. … I really want to hang out with a kangaroo. That would be so sick.”

What’s something people might be surprised to know about you?

“I am overly committed to old-man volleyball leagues and old-man softball leagues. Four out of five nights a week, I’m playing with 50-to-60-year-old dudes. We’re poppin’ Ibuprofen before games, we’ve got Icy Hot on deck, and we’re playing softball and volleyball. It’s just a helluva time. Then we all go drink beers afterward. No one is near my age, and they just think I’m Michael Jordan out here because I can jump and run. It started with one of my college roommates telling me, ‘My mom needs an extra player for her volleyball league.’ And you get to know the people on the other side of the net. It’s been such a blast.”

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