2016 Batchy Award

L&S Recognized at National Lottery Awards

Last year, L&S and the South Dakota Lottery set out to share something we learned with the citizens of our great state: playing the lottery is Good Fun. Turns out awards shows can be pretty fun, too.

This October, the North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries presented L&S and the South Dakota Lottery with a Batchy award as finalists in the coordinated radio campaign category.

The best part? Our client was as pumped as we were.

“This is the first year the South Dakota Lottery has entered the Batchy awards, and we’re thrilled to have been named a finalist,” said Kelly Thompson, Director of Advertising & PR for the South Dakota Lottery. “The rebrand has been a huge project, and to be recognized by our peers has been extremely gratifying.”

The campaign’s goal was to spread a simple message: the lottery gives every dollar earned back to the state while providing fun and prizes to players. Good for South Dakota; fun for South Dakotans.

“South Dakota’s a small state, so we’re very proud to have been recognized on a national level,” Kelly added. “This year, we were finalists. Next year, we’ll be winners!”

Every year, the NASPL hosts the Batchy awards, which recognize excellence in creative lottery advertising and promote the exchange of ideas and information between members of the lottery industry. 

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