Pets Love Lewis

L&S Loves Pets. Pets Love Lewis.

When Lewis let us know that they would once again be supporting the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society with Operation Feed-a-Pet, we jumped at the opportunity to help.

Operation Feed-a-Pet was launched in 2013, when the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society had more puppies and kittens than it had food. Lewis stepped in and held a pet food drive – collecting donations of dry dog and cat food.

With a new year, the goal was simple: encourage community members to bring dry dog and cat food to a Lewis location to keep pets’ bellies full.

Lewis added a few elements to Operation Feed-a-Pet this year to make the cause an easy one to advertise:

1. Lewis locations in Sioux Falls, Madison, Huron and Brookings matched one ton of pet food donations – that’s 2,000 pounds!

2. Blankets, pet beds and durable chew toys were also welcome donations in addition to pet food.

3. The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society brought adoptable puppies to the 41st & Minnesota and 69th & Louise Lewis locations during the weekend to encourage giving and donations.

Creative execution for Operation Feed-a-Pet featured the ones who would benefit most – the pets. We engaged social media, earned media and donated media to deliver the message, and the response was overwhelming.

Over 12,500 pounds of pet food donations were collected to give to area humane societies.

Along with assisting Lewis in marketing the Operation Feed-a-Pet initiative, L&S rallied for the cause. L&S launched a collaborating effort to help raise food donations for area pets—but added a bit of competition to things by pitting cat lovers against the dog lovers. Those donating could choose the pet they favored most by donating food either for cats or dogs, and at the end of the week, we totaled up the food donated by the pound to see who was most favored.

Posters were designed and hand delivered to L&S employees stating the parameters of the contest. Donations were collected from April 2-7 and as the lobby quickly filled with pet food donations, the final numbers were tallied.

Lawrence & Schiller collected 432.9 pounds of food donations – 298 pounds of dog food and 134.9 pounds of cat food.

While dogs prevailed in the L&S contest, community humane societies were the real Operation Feed-a-Pet winners. Thanks to all L&S employees who contributed to Operation Feed-a-Pet, to all community members who donated at a Lewis location, and most of all to Lewis for matching donations for the second year in a row.

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