L&S at the Helm of Navy Week

On the shores of the eastern seaboard, a new class of submarine is under construction. With the newest technology the Navy has to offer, the Virginia Class submarines are lighter, faster and deadlier than any to take the seas before them. Sixteen of these nuclear powered submarines have been commissioned and are already patrolling America’s shores. The 17th and newest member of the fleet will carry the name USS SOUTH DAKOTA (SSN 790), just the third ship in American history to be named for the state.

Needless to say, there’s incredible honor and legacy behind this new submarine. So when its Commissioning Committee approached L&S to help spread the word about it and her crew, we jumped at the chance to be a part of history in the making.

L&S’s very own Carrie Biondi serves on the Commissioning Committee and has a very close tie to the United States Navy.

“My grandfather is a 93-year-old WWII Navy Veteran and one of the last remaining (if not the last) crew members from his ship,” Carrie says. “It makes me happy to know that I am carrying his Navy roots forward. I’ve been a part of many projects and many clients at L&S, but this is so rewarding.”

Our efforts to spread the word about the sub, her crew and the Commissioning Committee began with a website. We got to share with the public what sets this fleet of subs apart from its predecessors, what it’s like for the crew to live underwater for months as well as what it takes for those of us on land to support them as they defend our freedoms. 

L&S also is also working with Fleishman Hillard and the Navy Office of Community Outreach to spread the word about Sioux Falls Navy Week. Hosting a Navy Week is a privilege offered to only a few select cities around the country. Dave Haan, L&S Vice President for Deployment, is at the helm, leading the way on public relations, event planning and welcoming the Bryan N. Randall, Chief of the Boat, along with the crew and the honored Rear Admiral Bret Muilenburg. 

In an effort to promote week’s events, the L&S team is also creating a landing page, along with downtown banners, pin box displays, coasters and posters to be displayed through Sioux Falls.

USSSD Poster
USSSD Coasters

As the Chief of the Boat, crew and Rear Admiral make their way to the many events of Navy Week, those of us at L&S will be able to stand with pride, knowing that the work we created will be a part of such a profound piece of American history.

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