L&S Q1 Staff Meeting 2017

Johnson, Team Rogue take home marketing awards

Mental fortitude. Mentorship. Modesty.

Shelly Johnson displays all three with grace. In the L&S family, Johnson – Director of Client Services and Account Supervisor – is both a crucial client contact and an advisor to the account services team. For the past 16 years she has helped L&S build up the most important capital – human capital – by getting to know clients’ visions and goals, following through, and earning their trust.

More recently, she defined perseverance by staying steadfastly involved despite a significant health challenge.

“Regardless of the situation – whether it’s health or some other personal challenge that could interfere with your job – if you make that decision mentally that you’re in control and you’re not going to let things get in the way of your vision, you’re going to do it,” Johnson said.

“Anyone here would do the same thing. It’s who we are.”

Shelly Johnson wins Q1 MAP

That’s the modesty part. We all couldn’t be happier to have Shelly back at L&S headquarters.

At L&S’s quarterly all-staff meeting, Johnson was awarded the Marketing and Advertising Professional (MAP) award for the fourth quarter of 2016. The MAP award honors the employee who best exemplifies the agency’s motto – going the Extra Mile – each quarter.

Impeccably managing client relationships like Midco and the First PREMIER, providing leadership to other members of the Account Service team and volunteering in the community are all parts of a normal day for Shelly – needless to say, she’s been showing the 5280 spirit since she joined us in 2001.

And each day is different.

“We never stop learning,” Johnson said, “and I think that’s the key here. Every day is a new day, regardless of how long you’ve been here.”

Team Rogue brings home Plus It award for S.D. Lottery Campaign

Team Rogue wins the Q1 Plus It

Members of our retail team, Rogue, received this quarter’s Plus It award for their work on the South Dakota Lottery’s holiday campaign: Jolly Good Fun.

The traveling trophy (which takes the form of a championship belt) pays tribute Walt Disney, who had a habit of encouraging his animators to “Plus It” – turning good ideas into great ones.

Based on a unique insight about the motivation for giving gifts, the Lottery campaign knocked it out of the park on all fronts: strategy, creative and results. 

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