Q3 Stat

Internal Awards Recognize Innovation

If you’ve driven by the Empire Mall in recent months, you’ve probably gone through a thought process similar to this:

Why are there so many people here? Where do they come from? 

Why doesn’t the food court have a Chick-Fil-A yet?

Is there a wrecked car in the entrance? 

As for the first few, I wish I knew the answer. The last one I can help with. The less-than-fortunate Volkswagen has a little something to do with our public safety team’s efforts on the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety’s Lesson Learned campaign, which took advantage of unusual executions like not-really-wrecked cars, “shattered” mirrors and more in order to capture the attention of new, impressionable drivers.

For their efforts, team Space received this quarter’s Plus It award, inspired by Walt Disney’s phrase of choice when encouraging his animators to make their work better and more unique than they ever thought possible.

But creative isn’t the only thing that’s cutting-edge around here. Our media team’s efforts to implement ad server technology, spearheaded by Media Specialist Amanda McCord, have led to the agency offering a stronger digital suite than ever – and that’s why she received this quarter’s Marketing and Advertising Professional award. By partnering with Google’s DoubleClick, L&S clients will benefit from more specific targeting, exclusive placements, improved optimization and more robust reporting for digital ads across all industries.

On top of her professional achievements, Amanda’s passion for sharing the South Dakota experience and unshakeable attitude make her an invaluable part of our travel and tourism team. When you add it all up, every Extra Miler agrees: there’s plenty that makes her MAP material. 

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