How Happy Are Your Devices?

How Happy Are Your Devices?

If you’re like me, you got a big new flat screen TV last year. If you’re like most people, you got one a long time ago. I bring this up because I find it strange that people get excited about a new TV set when it’s what comes through it — the stuff we watch — that we actually love.

That was the idea behind our latest campaign for Midcontinent Communications. The stuff that comes through your devices–your Internet, your cable programming, your digital phone connection–is what really matters.

So we imagined what your TV, tablet or smartphone would say if it could talk (well, for themselves). If they’re anything like us, they’d prefer getting the best service. Seriously, would that huge new flat screen like getting rabbit ears and picking up three stations, tops? Of course not. Your TV wants to show you a hundred plus channels in HD. Your tablet and laptop want to fly along at breakneck download speeds. Your smartphone wants to be more than an expensive pocket watch.

In a series of spots, direct mailers, posters and more, we show that Midcontinent is what it takes to put a smile on every screen in the house. And if your devices are happy, you’re going to be happy too. All for a price that’s pretty much unbeatable for what you get.

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