Hotel Preferences

Hotels Check In To What Millennials Want

I know – you’re sick of hearing about Millennials.


It’s impossible to escape all the ways that brands are trying to relate to and attract this group. As Millennials (people born between 1980 and 1995) advance in their careers and have more disposable income, they are more willing to spend more money on travel. And that makes them the target market du jour for the hospitality industry.


Hotels are tapping into Millennial trends that travel and tourism marketers can take advantage of.


These trends have not gone unnoticed by large hotel chains. Recently Hilton has announced their new hotel chain “Tru,” which seeks to give Millennial travelers more of a hostel-like experience complete with modern design, public spaces and mobile check-in. Marriott has also expanded into this realm by launching a new loyalty advertising campaign focused on experiences, as well as the Marriott Content Studio, which creates short films shot on-location.


As Millennials continue to spend more money on travel, hotels and tourism marketers will need to evolve to meet this generation’s needs and desires. So what can your brand do? Contact us to find out. Or download our infographic to learn how Millennials with kids are shaping the new family vacation. 

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