Good Things Come In Threes

Good Things Come In Threes: Stores, Shoppers and Smartphones

History suggests that trios are the most effective: three-piece suits, Hocus Pocus’ Sanderson sisters, a genie’s three wishes and, for me, attempts at correctly parallel parking. If one piece is missing, the ensemble just doesn’t work. The same Rule of Three rings true when building a shopping experience: stores, shoppers and smartphones.

Brick-and-mortar or ecommerce?

Ecommerce remains a large channel utilized by purchasers as technological advances have made access to online commodities easier than ever. While most everyone is interconnected through technology, making it easy to view merchandise and buy online, Millennials and Gen Zers have continued to make much of their purchases in a physical store. The little moments of contact that brick-and-mortar stores offer aid in the attractiveness of interacting with the brand, as both groups tend to find value in experiences and relationships.

How are consumers shopping?

Consumers today are shopping smarter, not harder. More than ever, shoppers are investing their time to research, compare products and prices, and to get the most bang for their buck – frequently with the use of coupons. Although more spending power typically falls in the hands of aged consumers, Millennials’ and Gen Zers’ spending is increasing, and they are connecting with brands early through social media, in turn developing long-term loyalty. Gen Z, having grown up with social media, trust and are especially influenced by information from digital channels.

Adding the Big Three together.

With 3 in 4 Americans owning smartphones, their tendency to use them while shopping should come as no surprise. When shopping, smartphones are primarily being used to research and compare products – largely by younger shoppers. A study by Salsify explains how significant mobile is in terms of communication and engagement, even stating that more consumers are turning to their phones to seek answers to their questions rather than sales associates.

Now, just being present online will not suffice. For businesses, this accentuates the importance of integrating digital and mobile into their marketing plans and strategies in efforts to stay ahead of the competition. Evolving and expanding on websites, apps and social media to ensure easy use and consistency will only enhance user experience and help businesses move one step closer to reaching this goal.

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