Good Fun. Great Results.

In 2015, the South Dakota Lottery, with the help of Lawrence & Schiller, conducted a brand perception study. The study showed just 37% of residents said their view of the Lottery was favorable and 45% were neutral. While the numbers sound concerning, we saw this as an opportunity. Almost half of the state was neutral in regards to the Lottery, and it is much easier to change neutral opinions than negative opinions. With this in mind, the South Dakota Lottery and Lawrence & Schiller launched the “Good Fun” campaign.


Through the brand perception study, we received a lot of great feedback from South Dakota residents. We learned that research participants didn’t view the Lottery and its games as entertainment. They felt the games were too short to be entertaining. We also found that participants thought there were no winners. They weren’t aware of the winners, so they didn’t feel there was a chance for them to win. And lastly, we found that the research participants didn’t see the benefit. Sure, the money goes to the state, but they didn’t know how it was used or where it went.


All of this research led to one conclusion. In order to improve the perception of the South Dakota Lottery, citizens needed to hear about the good. They needed to be reminded of the entertainment options that the Lottery provides, hear about the winners and learn how the money benefits the state. We needed to help the SD Lottery tell their story. The South Dakota Lottery is entertainment with a bigger purpose in mind – improving South Dakota. It’s fun for a good cause. All in all, the Lottery is “Good Fun.”


Leveraging this “Good Fun” direction, the South Dakota Lottery launched a new brand, complete with a new logo, website, vehicle wraps, signage and more. After this step, the “Good Fun” message was supported with a multimedia campaign. The campaign was targeted at South Dakotans, 18+, with the goal of increasing brand awareness and changing perceptions. Awareness tactics were used such as network and cable television, radio and outdoor. These tactics were enhanced with targeted digital efforts using paid social media and mobile display. Quick-witted creative drew attention with fun facts that highlighted the winners and tied the money from the Lottery back to the state general fund. Not to mention, it won a few creative awards, too.


In 2017, the South Dakota Lottery decided to check-in with a brand perception benchmarking study to gauge their progress, and the results were impressive. Overall, the South Dakota Lottery has seen a 76% increase in brand favorability from 2015 until 2017. Through the benchmarking study, we found that 84% of respondents could recall having seen South Dakota Lottery messaging in the last year. While the Lottery’s primary goal for this campaign was increasing brand favorability, they saw the success of this campaign pay out in other areas, too. Player frequency has increased for all product lines, and the South Dakota Lottery has seen a 2% increase in sales from FY16 to FY17. Now that’s good fun.

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