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Goldilocks and the Changing Media Landscape

“Yet another year of tumbling broadcast ratings.”

That headline from Medialife Magazine greeted my inbox today with a report that the Big Five networks’ viewership is down 7 percent this year with the 18-49 year-old audience. Broadcast has long been a platform of choice for building a strong brand. So of course, reports like these grab our attention. Every day we see verification of the shifting media consumption habits of the customers and patients that our brands aspire to attract and serve.

It would be easy to over-, or under-, react to these trends. How, in a rapidly changing environment, do we achieve a media mix that is “just right”? Let’s see if we can learn a lesson or two from Goldilocks and her adventure with the three bears.

Porridge - Just Right

Goldilocks has great intentions as she knocks on the door of a house in the forest. When nobody answers to serve as a guide, she waltzes right in and starts trying one of everything. After power eating all three bowls of porridge she feels pretty good about learning which one is just right for her. Unfortunately consuming more porridge than her body can handle (spoiler alert) is going to cause trouble later in the story.

In the branding world, she could enlist a trusted guide like L&S to more efficiently and effectively find her “just right” mix. Our Consumer Insights team evaluates your target audience to determine who they are and what unique insight will motivate them to take the action you desire. Then our Message Delivery team discovers where that audience lives in the media landscape so we can engage with them where they are, at a time when they are receptive to our message. As a result your communication budget is carefully applied to the most effective tactics.

Consumer Insights team
Three Chairs – Wrong Choice

Now with a bulging belly of porridge, a sluggish Goldilocks attempts to once again navigate her new landscape. She decides the first two chairs are too big for her. Then boldly proclaims the last and smallest chair is just right. Clearly she misinterprets her landscape as the tiny chair collapses under her weight.

Some brands tend to jump into new mediums too quickly. Others approach change too slowly. That is why L&S employs A/B testing of messaging and monitors the results through a real-time Business Intelligence dashboard. We can even feed your brand’s real-time transaction data into the tool and give you 24/7/365 access to monitor exactly how your marketing is impacting your bottom line. Meanwhile your L&S Optimization Strike Team is constantly tweaking the campaign to maximize results, so no chairs collapse from under you.

BI dashboard
Falling Asleep – A Nightmare

Poor Goldilocks. She overindulged, picked the wrong chair and still really doesn’t know how to navigate her new landscape. Overwhelmed, she simply lies down and falls asleep. After all, what could go wrong if she is doing nothing at all? Well, she could get eaten by an angry family of hungry bears.

Just like a brand that doesn’t navigate the new media landscape can easily get eaten by its competition. 

Thanks to the availability of data intelligence, many aspects of the nirvana of one-to-one messaging from brand to audience are now a reality. L&S is partnering with brands to customize solutions using data and artificial intelligence to deeply understand their current customer base, identify look-alike prospects and deliver unique messages to them based on their profile. The same architecture can also deepen relationships, and transactions, with existing customers or patients.

Goldilocks Today

We may never know what became of Goldilocks after she ran screaming from the house of the three bears. But we can assure you that the L&S team is dedicated to helping brands avoid her nightmare from the forest. We would love to help guide your brand through the rapidly changing media landscape and put the power of data to work for you.

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