Give Back. Be Better.

Every once in a while, inspiration hits me in the face. This rarely happens when I’m sitting at my desk. I had two hit-you-in-the-face moments at a lunch meeting recently, something I opted to attend though I could barely spare the time. The speaker quoted John Maxwell. (If you don’t know that name look him up—you won’t be sorry.) The quote, not verbatim, went like this:

            “Leadership isn’t about position, title or flowcharts. It’s about living your life influencing others.”

This statement means leadership is a choice, and it occurred to me that our agency is full of people who chose to be influential leaders. Veterans and newbies alike, so many are walking the walk of leadership, setting examples by helping others and being part of the solution. No casual observers of life here. Nope, not us. We get out there and do our damn best every day—both at work and in the community. We find a way to make it all happen. It’s in our DNA. 

What’s pretty incredible is that we are in a notoriously busy, deadline-driven world, yet we still make the choices we do. Some lead quietly and without fanfare by giving to their church or favorite non-profit, while others lead through support and active involvement in more high-profile causes like the Sioux Empire United Way, youth soccer, the Arts Council, SD Ad Fed, the Chamber, SME, Rotary, Girls on the Run or SD Symphony. This list goes on and on. So does the ripple effect of our collective actions.

And here’s a fun fact to consider if you think this isn’t for you: a person can develop some mad leadership skills by learning to work with diverse volunteer groups. That’s a win/win for employees and employers alike. 

My other hit-you-in-the face moment that I’ll leave you with:

            “Manage your thoughts. They lead to your words, which lead to your actions, which lead to your habits,

             which leads to your destiny.” 

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