Get Personal with Foodservice Messaging

Personalizing your message is one of the best ways to increase your user engagement, especially in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry. In fact, 33% of users will abandon a company because they feel like the personalization was lacking. Don’t be a statistic – personalize your message and reach your target audience with these tips.


Because certain messages don’t apply to all locales, it’s beneficial to use geo-targeting to filter out individuals and groups by location. For example, a message depicting a farmer eating a big meal after a hard day’s work isn’t going to have the same impact on somebody living in an urban area as opposed to a more rural setting. Understanding a consumer’s real-time or past location helps you deliver the right message at the right time. This can be done on the city or zip code level or on a more granular level through GPS, geo-fencing and more.

Once you’ve got geo-targeting down, consider targeting your consumer based on a variety of other factors such as age, income, hobbies, etc. The more relevant an ad or offer is, the more likely it is to drive a sale.


Repeat diners are a QSR’s best friend. But how can you encourage repeat visits?  Through mobile marketing. Utilize your app, Facebook page and loyalty programs to reach out to diners and encourage them to come back. Send out offers or coupons based on things they have ordered in the past to entice them.


People react more positively to messages that are personalized to their interests and habits. If you know a consumer buys kids meals often, you should send them offers and information about kids meals. Focusing offers and messages on customer’s favorite menu items will result in a greater rate of engagement.

Once you've customized the message to the audience, add in phrasing and topics that are primary concerns when it comes to choosing where to eat, like communal dining tables, how food is grown and coupon offers. Use these in your next message where relevant.

If you want to maximize sales while boosting brand recognition, do background research on the target audience and their mobile habits. At L&S, we know restaurant marketing campaigns should focus on targeting the right audience at the right time. Check out some of our work for the QSR industry.

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