Email Marketing’s Holiday Comeback

Email Marketing’s Holiday Comeback

“Under The Tree By 12/24 Or It's FREE”

“Extra 40%, 30% or 20% off - Just a few hours left for today's Mystery Offer!”

“20% Off - The Early Bird Gets The Best Deal”

“Happy Hour Starts Now! Save 20% Until 10 PM ET”

“30% Off - 4 Hours Only - Epic Savings Start Now”

These are just some of emails that flooded my inbox between Thanksgiving and Christmas. No doubt your inbox was also inundated this holiday season with merchants giving you reasons—and discount codes—to shop online. According to the National Retail Federation, 103 million people shopped online Thanksgiving weekend compared to 102 million that went to a bricks-and-mortar store. Why are more people opting for online vs. the mall? Besides the obvious, it might be because the best deals are in their inbox. The shopping season of 2015 appears to have ushered in the reemergence of email marketing. Here are just a few observations about email’s big comeback.

Email is Driving Sales
Adobe Digital Index, which tracks the activity of 4,500 retail sites, says email promotions and discounts drove 25% more online sales this holiday season than in 2014. Yesmail, an email marketing provider, also reported huge growth in email-driven revenue. According to the company, email-triggered sales grew 162% on Black Friday and 129% on Cyber Monday.

Emails Are Also Going Mobile
According to Movable Ink, another email marketing firm, Black Friday emails had a 76% higher open rate on a mobile device than on a desktop. Mobile also had higher conversion rates (a click resulting in a purchase) industry-wide. The company says 57% of email-triggered purchases on Black Friday were on a smartphone or tablet.

Saying It In A Flash
Flash sales (discounts during a limited time) are creating urgency for consumers and forcing them to commit versus shopping around. It appears to be working. In research conducted by Experian Marketing Services, flash sales have a 59% higher transaction rate and a 29% higher revenue rate than standard emails.

E-Gifts Are Growing
Will email one day replace that gift-wrapped box under the tree? Probably not, but it’s a growing trend—especially for the hard-to-buy-for people in your life. Consumers can now click an e-gift button on high-end retail sites like Macy’s, Coach, Lancome and others that sends an emailed picture of the gift. If the recipient doesn’t like it or wants to adjust the size and color, they can “e-exchange” it before the gift ever ships.

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