Driving Value & Sales with Content Marketing

Driving Value & Sales with Content Marketing

At first it might sound like fluff: content marketing. What does that even mean? To some, it’s just another jargon-y term for a task their marketing team “should” be doing but won’t see measurable results from.

As our Director of Client Services Natalie Eisenberg has previously written, content marketing is a great way to bring brand value and drive loyalty. As marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to drive engagement with customers. Because every engagement has the potential to lead to a sale. And there’s nothing fluffy about that.

Content marketing is one more way to make that sale outside of a conventional mass media message. It can be a series of online videos, blog, emails or newsletters, social media content, instructional guides or even a podcast. Content marketing is nothing new, but in today’s digitally driven space, it’s presenting more opportunities than ever to drive ROI.

As a copywriter, I also see huge potential in content marketing from a creative perspective. It lets us humanize our brand, treating our target audience not just as a faceless group of “consumers” but as individuals with unique pursuits. It shows that your brand can be interesting if you show interest in your audience. And when you do that, you’ll create a positive experience that drives sales.

If you’re wondering how to do it, know that content marketing is applicable to pretty much every industry. These three examples show how consumers will gravitate toward your content if you can make it interesting, relevant and relatable.

Content Marketing in Healthcare.

Have you ever “self-diagnosed” a condition on WebMD? You’re not alone. According to Pew Research, healthcare is the second most-searched-for service online, and 72% of Internet users say they looked for health info online this year.

NYU Langone Medical Center decided to meet this demand with Doctor Radio. The hospital worked with Sirius XM Satellite Radio to create a series of shows where their physicians answer patients’ questions through calls, emails and tweets. Topics range from general healthcare to insurance and the Affordable Care Act.

Content Marketing in Retail.

To take a left turn, another great example of content marketing comes from Dollar Shave Club’s blog. This content couldn’t be more on-target or on-brand, featuring manscaping tips, interviews and questions that most men have but don’t ask like, “Why is it bad to pick my nose?”

It’s an entertaining read, and it reinforces Dollar Shave Club’s insanely likeable brand personality. This is content you want to engage with from a brand you want to buy from.

Content Marketing in Public Safety.

Quality content marketing can also do a lot of good, as we’ve seen in the public safety sector. Over the last few years, L&S has worked with the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety to launch several content marketing campaigns aimed at motorcycle safety.

The South Dakota Rides website features an interactive riding map to plot out cruising routes, along with a chat feature for riders to share the best rides. We’ve also produced a series of motorcycle safety videos outlining how to pack your bike for a trip, buy a new bike, complete a TCLOCS inspection and even how to adjust your suspension, which has received nearly 27,000 views.

Finally, at this year’s 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, we knew safety-related content would be more important than ever. From July 1 to August 23, we had 734 bikers opt-in to receive text messages during the Rally sharing construction updates, safety reminders and links to traffic maps to avoid congested areas.

For creatives, content marketing opportunities let us stretch our legs. For consumers, they provide valuable information. And for clients, content marketing gives your brand another chance to engage with your target and generate measurable success.

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