Dog People Get Dog People

Capturing the Power of Canine Connections

Dog people get dog people. We share a unique bond that is forged by the love of our four-legged family members. How else can you explain me hugging a complete stranger at the coffee shop when I found out she had just said goodbye to her 13-year-old hound. I get the power of dogs. Hunters do too.

Most upland bird hunters are also avid dog people. They get the undying loyalty and contagious exuberance that a dog brings to hunting season and to everyday life. That’s probably why I could barely contain my excitement when the South Dakota Department of Tourism suggested we go back to the Take Me Hunting campaign to promote the 2016 pheasant hunting season.

We first launched this campaign several years ago based on the insight that hunting dogs love to hunt and hunters love to watch their dogs “play” in the fields.

The very first Take Me Hunting ad appeared in Pheasants Forever in the fall of 2010. It featured a black Labrador Retriever looking directly at the reader asking him or her to “Take Me Hunting.” The ad did exactly what we hoped. It got hunter’s attention. In fact, one Wisconsin hunter wrote in saying, “Your new ad that appeared in the Fall issue of Pheasants Forever magazine brought tears to my eyes. Seriously! THE LOOK combined with the words in "Take Me Hunting" resonate so resoundingly…”

Take Me Hunting 2010

I guess the adage is true, “If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.” We just made it better. The 2016 version of Take Me Hunting features three different breeds of common hunting dogs. The look is slightly different but the request is still the same, “Let me do what I love. Hunt with you in the wide open fields of South Dakota.”

You don’t have to be a dog person to see the power in that.

Take Me Hunting 2016 Yellow Lab

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