Dear CMO: Don't Go it Alone

It’s time to face the facts: marketing is a lot more complex than it used to be. Today’s CMOs are responsible for so much more than approving ad campaigns; CMOs oversee several departments and are the owners of customer experience from start to finish. Their responsibilities can include technological implementations, customer journey strategies, consumer research, data interpretation, cultivating cohesive marketing campaigns, product rollout strategies – and that’s all before lunchtime. CMOs are some of the busiest and smartest people I know… but they don’t have to go it alone – and they shouldn’t.

Most modern business structures include teams, with each one and each member doing their part to work toward a common goal – at least, that’s the idea. When things ramp up, it’s easy to put day-to-day before the big picture. Consumer Experience (CX) teams oversee a consumer’s holistic experience – making sure that each marketing arm works with one another to create a common perception. Sounds a little bit like a CMO’s role, right?


“CMOs play a critical role in shaping the customer experience because it is part of the brand-building process. At large companies, such as Verizon, almost every part of the business touches on the customer experience. The Chief Customer Experience Officer role in my organization partners with all the key stakeholders across the company to ensure a unified experience across the mobile app, website, and retail stores. Getting the brand and customer experience right is truly a team effort across the board.

-Diego Scotti, CMO, Verizon

My point isn’t just to call out CMOs – it’s a call to companies as a whole. Don’t silo yourselves so much that your departments can’t grow from or with each other. The moment each department stops working together is the moment fragmentation and disconnect take place. Consumer Experience teams attempt to alleviate this problem by creating conversation and action in a company, crafting a checks and balances system to keep every individual team on track. 


“Success is determined by my ability to attract and retain guests. Pretty simple, right? Not really. The guest journey itself is no longer a simple, linear process. Our guests today experience our brand at dozens of touch points involving every department in our company – from guest services and housekeeping to hotel operations and food and beverage to call centers and IT. That means, to successfully ensure happy, loyal guests, I must champion their needs and interests with every associate in our company. Fortunately, the personalized service for which Omni Hotels & Resorts is known, combined with our analytics capabilities, arms me with the data I need to do that effectively. And it’s paying off.  Omni is constantly recognized by different organizations for the high level of service we provide guests.”

-Peter Strebel, CMO, Omni Hotels

If not from me, take it from Peter – users do not engage with your brand or business on a linear model. They weave in and out on their own agenda, across media, screens, conversations and so on. Entrusting your consumer experience team to lead candid conversations, implement holistic strategies and form optimization initiatives about this swarm of customer touch points are a few ways your business can elevate its game.

As a member of the CX team at L&S, it is my job to partner with companies to provide the strategies, consultation and support that are needed to create a relevant, personalized and positive customer experience throughout all veins of our clients’ businesses. We partner with CMOs and COOs to increase ROI by taking a step back, looking at the way each piece of a business contributes to its perception, and devising concrete approaches to individually improve each one.

Siloed efforts have fragmented results. Think bigger. Think together. Make more money

You set the stage, CMO. But you don’t have to go it alone. 

Want to learn more? Give us a shout. Then take a deep breath – your days of doing it all are over.

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